Both group classes and private training at Seattle Boxing Gym focus on sound boxing fundamentals, solid cardio-conditioning,and stretching. Members  jump rope, sweat out ring circles, shadow box, circuit train, work various bags, and do one-on-one pad work. Our workouts are designed to tone your entire body while honing your boxing skills in the ring. Athletes of all levels and experiences are welcome!

Nik Vasquez

Current Amateur Boxer

Rob Diezel

Current Pro Boxer

Richard Druliner

As General Manager, Richard started training as an amateur boxer under some of the Pacific Northwest’s top coaches in 2007. He has been on the card at dozens of smoker bouts and has many sanctioned amateur bouts under his belt. Richard’s classes and privates offer a total body workout while taking his client’s fighting skills to the next level by fusing a cross-fit style with boxing technique.

Russel Crandell

Russel Crandell hails from the University of Washington Boxing Team with five amateur fights. His training sessions infuse intense cardio work with boxing technique.

Martin O'Malley

Martin has 25 years of boxing experience as a coach, trainer, and ex-pro. As a lightweight boxer Martin had and extensive amount of experience with 27 pro fights and numerous amateur awards. His classes mix intense boxing technique and the experience of an actual boxing training camp and are good for all levels of experience and ages. His career includes great battles with Juan Diaz and Leonard Dorin as well as an amatuer fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr for the jr. national championship. Martin teaches weekend classes and is available for limited private sessions and a different per hour rate on those days.

Jeff Petersen

As the Youth Boxing Coach, Jeff brings over 8 years of amateur boxing experience to Seattle Boxing Studio. He has fought both locally as well as in national tournaments and is a registered coach and fighter with USA Boxing. His classes focus on boxing fundamentals designed to prepare students for a successful amateur career.

Erik Braziunas

Erik Braziunas is an ACE certified group fitness instructor. His classes are a combination of boxing technique and fitness with a boot camp style. He is passionate about seeing his students transform to become stronger and healthier people as well as more skilled fighters. Erik is looking forward to his first amateur fight this September under the guidance of Martin O’Malley. In addition, Erik spent nearly a year traveling through Asia where he trained Muay Thai in Thailand and Boxing in the Philippines. He has honed his fighting technique while wrestling alligators in the Nile.

Our Training

Our classes are designed to accommodate all levels of boxing and fitness. Whether you are just trying something new or have been fighting for years, our classes fuse cardio training with boxing technique that can be taken at any level of skill and/or fitness. Each of our highly dedicated and experienced instructors bring their own unique training style and our small class sizes offer individual attention to every member. All our trainers are available for private sessions. Please visit our MindBody account to check our most current schedule and reserve a private session.

Group Classes Provide

Proper warm up and shadow boxing technique, proper stance and footwork training, pad and bag work, cardio and plyometrics circuit training, correct forward, backward, side-to-side and circular movements, accurate form and timing, simulation sparring; and, boxing foundation development.

Private Training Provides

All of the above with faster progress and individual attention, focus and breathing techniques, accurate left hook instruction (the secret of most world champions), instruction in various punch combinations; counter punches and defense, correct balance and movement training (what separates average and elite athletes), and individualized diet plans.


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